Sales & Negotiation Training Programme

On the job coaching


Helping the individual team member to reach goals and targets is the main objective of our one-to-one coaching sessions.

These sessions are successfully deployed by Oracle, TPF, SKF and many more.

Individual coaching:

Duration:   1.5 – 2 hrs per coachee

Sales workshop:

Duration: TBD  (live or virtual coaching)
Participants:  6 – 12

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Sales managers, experienced/new sales representatives and professional consultants.

Individual coaching – In collaboration with the coach, the participants reach goals which have been set by the management.

Sales workshop – The main goal of such workshops is to work on real-life cases. All of the preconceived objectives will have been reached collaboratively by the end of the workshop.
According to agreement with the sales manager in charge.
Individual coaching – Prior to supervision on the job, a mini assessment is carried out together with the consultant. In order to do so, we recommend the employment of the e-stimate® psychometric profile. This may also serve as a motivational as well as a leadership tool for the sales management.

Sales workshop – During the training phases, the participants have the opportunity to apply their newly-acquired knowledge by means of presentations and role trainings.

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