The e-stimate® preference profile is graphically and textually very easy to understand, the depth and the precision of the tool is impressive.

Four energy colors with 8 drivers and 26 color types make the complex for everyone easily visible.

e-stimate R

The e-interpersonal Profile uncovers personal drivers, motivation factors and behavioural preferences of a single individual. It is a tool for both recruitment and personal development.

Evidence based – with updated scientific theory, it is easy to understand and easy to use.

The profile provides a description of a person in 23 or 30 pages, detailing aspects like:

  • General behaviour
  • Work related behaviour
  • Motivation factors
  • The eight facets, etc.


The e-team Profile uncovers personal emphasizes strengths of the team, detailing personal behavioural for individual members as well as for the overall team. It can be deployed in order to obtain stronger cooperation and communication, for establishing new teams, project groups etc. and for developing teamwork in existing teams.

The profile provides a description of the entire team in 21 pages, providing a description also for each member. It also provides a very deep understanding of the team dynamics, how each member acts in relation to the other.