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The Personality Programme

Personality ProgrammeThis programme offers you a deep analysis of the self and of the team; it unveils personal motivation, possible conflict zones in the communication process, a person’s potential and value in and for the team. It offers an opportunity for self-discovery and provides you with a method to communicate more efficiently in every situation.

Knowing the decision making process and understanding the values that guide us will help us understand others and their drivers better. It will support us when working and communicating with peers, subordinates or customers.

„He who knows much about others may be learnt, but he who knows himself is wise.”

Lao Tse

Duration:         1 – 2 Days
Participants:  6 – 12

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Top executives, members of the management and their teams.
At the end of the programme, the participants will:

  • learn how to adapt YOUR own behaviour in critical business situations, in order to act as a leader and obtain the commitment of team members
  • understand your own personality
  • learn about the combined functioning of the team
  • know about the individual strengths and weaknesses
  • discover possible approaches to problem solving in order to optimise partnership and co-operation
  • Understanding my own personality and preferences
  • Psychological background
  • Who am I? – personal psychometric
  • Who are the others?
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Colourful preferences and how to discover them
During the training phases, the participants may contribute their own experiences. They will practise their newly-acquired knowledge by means of role-plays and own presentations.

Course Testimonials: 

“I was among the first participants in The Personality Programme training and the experience was more than satisfactory. I received an excellent tool for self-knowledge which helped me understand my work and communication style, as well as my behaviour and the effects it generates in relation to others in different work situations. The trainers were professional, attentive and very committed.”
Daniela Oancea, Cariere Magazine

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