Leadership Training Programme

Mindful Leadership

Mindful Leadership
Increasingly complex and rapidly changing business conditions multiply the requirements

that companies and managers must meet. The effort to adaptability is ubiquitous. Multitasking and permanent pressure lead to decreasing performance on the part of the leaders/managers as well as their teams.

Duration:         1 – 2 Days
Participants:  6 – 12

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Managers, project-managers, people in leading roles who want to integrate mindfulness in their daily life.

Mindfulness enhances quality to leadership and daily business. Mindful acting leads to focussing the essential. This training enables you to develop serenity and sensitivity. Knowing about the roots of mindfulness as well as practicing the mindfulness trainings helps us to set the basic course in thinking and behaving.

  • You achieve self-awareness and presence
  • In critical situations you find orientation for yourself and give orientation to others
  • You will be able to communicate effectively and set meaningful action
  • The consequence: less stress and excellent performance with a comprehensive understanding of health and sustainability
  • Knowing about Your Self
  • Stress Management and Self Development
  • Body-Mind-Consciousness
  • Managing expectations
  • Integrating mindfulness into leadership

The contents will be transferred in varying arrangements by means of theoretical inputs and practical training. Practical exercises comprise self-reflexion, introspection, breathing exercises, dialogues as well as movements.

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