Procurement Excellence Academy

Effective Supplier Management and Sourcing










Duration:         2 Days
Participants:  4 – 12

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Procurement Director, Strategic Procurement Team Leaders, Category Managers,

Supply Chain Managers, Category Leaders, Category Buyers, Lead Buyers, Senior Buyers.

Participants can make in-depth analysis of suppliers using instruments they receive during the programme. They learn about the supplier life-cycle process (e.g. select and evaluate suppliers).

They can detect and measure supplier risks and can manage these effectively. The delegates on this programme receive a toolbox of sourcing instruments (e.g. templates on RFX) and know how to use them effectively to select the correct sourcing process.

They know how to manage contracts and are aware of the key elements of a sample contract.

  • Working on the model “The path to effective supplier management”
  • Supplier analysis
  • Supplier Risk Management
  • Supplier Management (classification, evaluation, development)
  • Sourcing process (RFI to RFQ, criteria selection, scoring and weighing,
  • Contract management
  • Connection between strategic procurement and operational purchasing
Combines and connects theoretical input with intensive practical exercises and customised case studies, supported by intensive feedback.

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