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Procurement Excellence Academy  – PEA©


The entire PEA© “Procurement Excellence Academy” consists of a total of 10 days in 4 different modules. It has a unique and innovative approach with the main focus being on procurement specific topics. But two trainings are also devoted to the topics of “communication/questions” and “negotiation and bargaining power”. This approach ensures that the acquired skills can be put to most effective use.


The academy has a logical flow with modules covering both the procurement skills as well as some carefully chosen and adapted soft skills programmes to enable the delegates to become more proficient in internal persuading and in negotiating and bargaining with suppliers.


A specialist on the topic facilitates each training. For this purpose, we have procurement specialists, consultants, a psychologist and communication/negotiation professionals ensuring that the delegates can profit most in each session.


The PEA© “Procurement Excellence Academy” is designed as a “close-to-reality” experience which allows for delegates to utilise the addressed skills immediately after the programmes, thus ensuring that they are more effective in their daily work from the first day after attending a module

What Our Customers Say:

Berner Kantonalbank:                                                                                                                                                    Reference as PDF

It is worth mentioning some of the success factors and feedbacks of our employees:

  • The coaches convinced with excellent knowledge of the theory.
  • The enormous experience of the coaches has helped to support the knowledge accrual.
  • Heard much – learned much – practiced a lot. Excellent training for employees working in procurement and negotiation.
  • The practical examples turned the training into an entertaining experience.
  • Both coaches are real professionals in their field and were very inspiring to me.

We are pleased with the performance and methodology of the PEA®  Procurement Excellence Academy and are looking forward to extend our successful cooperation.


Maximilian Haselbach            M Köhli