Welcome to Siegel Human Resource International Ltd. 

Siegel Human Resource Ltd. is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.

All our highly qualified partners have long-standing professional experience and they contribute with enthusiasm and creativity to the development of the companies of our clients.

We focus on three segments of corporate development:

  • Professional development of your staff
  • Conceptual assistance of the management
  • Assisting you with the improvement of the service level provided to your customers

Our activities include the assessment of people’s potential, as well as the analysis of their behaviour in defined work situations. This is followed by the compilation of a customised training/coaching programme. This programme is expected to develop and improve the required skills of the employees.

Siegel Objectives

Siegel has specialised in the assistance of enterprises concerned with the further development of their employees and executives by means of training concepts and seminars.

Behavioural analyses are carried out with people in defined work-related situations and on the basis of problems to be solved. Thus, customised training programmes can be worked out, which serve to further develop the relevant skills of the employees.

On request, Siegel takes on the entire personnel development of your enterprise.

The Siegel Methodology

According to statements made by our customers, these are the main advantages of a co-operation with Siegel:

Contents based on scientific studies
The models of our range of products are based on research and proven by the methods of behavioural and communicational analysis.
The psychometric of e-stimate® is based on the Interpersonal Circumplex and has been developed by Jørgen C. Friis, Martin Hammershøj, MSc Psychology and Lasse Meinert, MSc Psychology.

For our customers, we have optimised our own products. Moreover, we also mediate services which are known to us and originate from selected partner companies. These programmes, too, are mainly based on scientific data which have been made available to you in learnable training units. These programmes are characterised by straightforward implementation and practice-oriented aids such as for exle the « Siegel Acquisition Planner », which makes sales opportunities, risks and successes transparent.

Experienced trainers
Siegel trainers and consultants not only have considerable experience in the implementation of their particular seminars, moreover, they are experts in the field of behavioural and communicational analysis.

Advantage over the competition
In times when the quality of products is getting progressively more indistinguishable, Siegel improves the skills of your sales team in such a way that they transform into your most effective competitive advantage.

The development of skills
The Siegel system of practical exercise units, detailed feedback and available supervision in the field guarantees for the development of your skills. Moreover, we can show you how the improvement of performance may be measured. Each delegate in our training also participates in case studies, role training and exercises.

In house leadership network
Siegel offers you coaching structures which guarantee the increase of efficiency and the verifiability of objectives as well as an optimised budget relief.

By request, we also arrange services from selected partner companies. Like our own programmes, those are mainly based on scientific research made available in easy-to-learn training units. Characteristics of such programmes are the straightforward implementation and the practice-oriented approach with easy-to-use tools like the « Siegel Acquisition Planner » (making sales opportunities, risks and potential successes transparent) or the « CPP RFP Analysis » (supporting procurement in evaluating the « acceptance of bid » criteria).

The Siegel Advantage
  1. Direct enhanced profits by means of problem-solving approaches and controlling
  2. Homogeneous training due to the principle of pyramid education
  3. Individuality and practicality with case studies from the own company
  4. Enhanced acceptability of training measures because of in-company supervision
  5. Reduced cost due to modular seminar structures and consolidation of « know-how » by in-company supporters
Siegel Can Deliver On Training Projects
No matter what size your company is (SME or global corporation) or if you might even be an interested individual:
Through customization, Siegel can offer you a training that delivers value and a quality learning experience with a lasting effect.

Excerpt from our client list: