Dr. HP Springer
Dr. HP Springer
Negotiation skills, Value selling especially for technical consultants, Personality development, Experienced Facilitator and trainer of facilitators.
Cornelia Rasokat
Cornelia RasokatConsultant, Trainer and Business Coach
Florian Gottschall
Florian Gottschall Social Media Strategist
Tonert Anja
Tonert AnjaVertriebstrainerin & Coach
Johannes Klemeyer
Johannes KlemeyerConsultant, Trainer and Business Coach
Vicki Klemeyer
Vicki KlemeyerConsultant, Trainer and Business Coach
Dr. Katrin Roppel
Dr. Katrin RoppelConsultant, Trainer and Business Coach
Martin Patrick Moser
Martin Patrick MoserInternational Bus. Dev. Director