Learning Credits

Flexible planning with Siegel Human Resource GmbH

What’s the purpose of Learning Credits?

You have planned your budget concerning educational measures and would like to convince yourself of the correctness of the training option about to be chosen.
This requires time, which in its turn has implications for the budget planning.
With the Siegel Learning Credits, you may finance yourself a flexible planning today, in order to choose the correct training option for the subsequent financial period.

What do you get for your Learning Credits?

With the Learning Credits, you may finance all of the Siegel services, such as seminars,
training courses and concepts, as well as further measures of personnel management.
While doing so, you benefit at all times from the customisation of your educational measures.

What do you have to do in order to obtain the Learning Credits?

You define your requirements and inform us by means of the Contact Form about the amount for which you wish to obtain Siegel Learning Credits and which training direction you aspire to.
You will receive the necessary information on how to obtain such Learning Credits without delay and, after payment of the invoice, you will receive your LC-account statement. We shall then contact you within one week, in order to commence the planning of your educational intentions.

Learning Credits from Siegel Human Resource GmbH are at present available in Swiss Francs (CHF) as well as Euros (EUR).

The Learning Credit units are as follows:

  • 1 CHF-LC = CHF100.00
    1 EUR-LC = EUR100.00
  • Learning Credits are attractive, because their purchase is rewarded with an LC-discount of currently 2.25%.
  • Learning Credits can be used in order to cover in full or partially for all costs of courses (exclusive of ancillary costs / expenses).
  • In the case of split payments (money and Learning Credits), there is no LC-discount for any part of the payment which does not occur by means of Learning Credits. This part is settled according to the usual conditions of the contract.
  • Period of validity of Learning Credits: 15 months from the date of issue. Up to this date, the course, fully or partially paid by means of Learning Credits, must have been attended.
  • Learning Credits are not refundable and expire on the final date.

For further information and to obtain Learning Credits