Sales & Negotiation Training Programme

Successful consulting – IDAR®


This programme helps technical consultants to become proficient partners in communicating with customers. It enables the consultant to uncover the real causes of difficulties.

The consultant picks up potential leads, thereby helping the customer, the own employer and enhancing the position of the consultant within the organisation.


Duration:         2 days basic & 2 days consolidation / refresher training
Participants:  6 –  12

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Professionally experienced technical consultants, specialists with customer contact as well as office employees with customer contact.
Participants employ the efficient IDAR® communication strategy in order to persuade and to evoke confidence when dealing with customers. They recognise the real causes of difficulties and are able to establish long term partnerships by means of their offer.
  • Awareness for the own behaviour in technical consultation
  • Familiarisation with the IDAR® communication strategy when negotiating with clients (the client dialogue as a means of establishing and sustaining confidence)
  • Up to date employment of argumentation and presentation
  • Professional handling of objections and complaints

Combines and connects theoretical input with intensive practical exercises and case studies, supported by audio recordings for analysis.

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