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Power Presentations for Managers


Why are presentation skills important?

This is actually the wrong question! So let us rephrase it:

Why are excellent presentation skills important?

“Presentation skills” is not a black and white situation. It is a rainbow of colours involving skills and your entire personality. Every individual has presentation skills. Some are better than others. The main goal is for your presentation skills to be better than your competition.

Having the superior product is never enough to guarantee business success. All stakeholders in business are expected to present their message with confidence and clarity to clients, partners, investors, etc.

And that is where the Siegel Power Presentations programme becomes helpful.

Ask yourself:

  • Does the thought of speaking to a group fill you with dread?
  • Are people left underwhelmed by your presentations?
  • Is putting together a presentation a nightmare for you?
  • Do you want to deliver powerful and memorable presentations?

If you have answered one or more of these questions with “YES“, then why not consider gaining a powerful edge in your favour?

By booking „Power Presentations“, you are guaranteed to improve the presentation skills of yourself and your team.

Duration:         2 or 2  + 1 days
Participants:  6 –  12

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High level employees that needs to persuade an audience (e.g. managers, directors, sales executives, politicians, etc.)

With 5 new, active and attractive possibilities/options the delegates will discover that holding a key note speech can be learned. They will also realise their potential to manage presentations and meetings more effectively and thus more efficiently. 

  • Digital and analogue thinking / behavioural patterns
  • 10 most important bullets on methodology, didactics and rhetoric
  • Structure, preparation and planning
  • Mimics, gesture, body language
  • How to use visual aids correctly
  • Speech: language and voice
  • How to gain attention
  • How to manage my own fears
  • How to be mentally prepared – my personal preparation
  • Teaching and Learning: Important features
  • Learning transfer
  • Key learning points for my practical work
  • Practical sessions with video feedback

Combines and connects theoretical input with practical exercises, supported by video recordings for analysis.

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