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Communication Analysis CA®


The Siegel communication analysis CA® is a model in order to register verbally observable behaviours. The model is based on the Harvard IPA communication model (Prof. Bales) and may be employed for bilateral as well as multilateral talks.


A more efficient communication activates the already available knowledge, improves the motivation, enhances creativity, generates synergies and optimises the performance.


Duration:         1 – 2  Days
Participants:  6 – 12

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Negotiators, chair persons of meetings, executives and employees who often take part in meetings and conferences.

The emphasis is on the generation of resonance in human beings, on activating them to perform at their best.

Those who are able to influence emotions in a positive way and inspire enthusiasm will invariably achieve better results.

CA® improves the performance of the individual as well as that of the group and provides feedback on which behaviours should be intensified or reduced in a given situation.
  • Taking part in business meetings
  • Objective analysis of meetings and other business related communication
  • Business related communication based on the knowledge of communication analysis and skills / CA® model
  • The handling of sensitive situations in everyday communicative situations 
(real life cases guarantee a “bridge to reality” experience for practical application)

Combines and connects theoretical input with practical exercises, supported by video recordings for analysis.

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