How insightful a negotiator do you consider yourself to be?

Were you ever in a position where you did not have the upper hand?

Were you ever less than happy with your negotiation conduct?

At Siegel, we have been providing negotiation training for eighteen years, across industries as diverse and challenging as IT, tobacco, manufacturing and many more.

Today, we are giving you the unique opportunity to exchange ideas about your upcoming negotiation with one of our experts and share in their know-how. Get the answers you were looking for and apply them for better results.

Let us know in which areas you would like to be advised. The questions below will help in defining your areas of interest, and we will get back to you, within one working day, with advice tailored to your specific negotiation requirements.

Any information you provide is strictly confidential and will be treated according to Swiss data protection and privacy laws in force.

“Why did I attend a negotiation skills training at Siegel HR?” 


Beat Wittwer

Inhaber Wagner Visuell


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 The offer is valid till 31 January 2015.  Siegel HR reserves the right to answer selectively to requests.