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About me…

Mark Young is an independent consultant, trainer, writer and lecturer in the field of mediation and negotiation skills training and analysis; his company, Rational Games, Inc, ( serves a variety of clients in the public and private sectors in the US, UK and Germany. Mark’s business career has afforded him ample opportunities to do so, as he has served as a corporate lending officer at Chase Manhattan Bank, a strategic consultant at McKinsey & Company, a partner at Price Waterhouse Corporate Finance and a trade negotiator in the US Department of Commerce.

Beside books („Rational Games“, [2001] by Greenwood Publishing Group, Connecticut, USA and „Negotiating the Good Life“, [2004] by Ashgate Press) Mark regularly publishes essays on topics close to negotiation skills (the most recent ones being “Playing Red and Playing Blue: The 1990–94 Negotiation Miracle in South Africa”, published in 2007 in the International Negotiation and “Sharks, Saints, and Samurai: The Power of Ethics in Negotiations”, published in 2008 in the Harvard Negotiation Journal )

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